Short Term Care

At Bellhaven Center we are proud to offer a state-of-the-art Sub-Acute Program. Designed to be the link between hospital and home, the program’s focus is to aid in the residents return to a lifestyle of independent living at an optimum level of functionality.

Our professionally certified, licensed team of therapists, in conjunction with the residents’ physician, will design a customized program and provide therapy based on each resident’s unique needs. The programs and therapies are designed to enhance mobility, flexibility, and communication skills.

Our services are aimed at restoring the ability to carry out everyday activities such as bathing, eating and dressing. Utilizing state of the art equipment, along with an array of up to date exercises, residents are given the tools to increase strength, coordination, and the ability to move with comfort.

Bellhaven Center’s individually tailored therapy and nutrition regimens focus on maximizing the patients’ ability to lead an independent life. Our social work and case management teams provide continuous support to both residents and their families to ensure a safe and appropriate return to the community.

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