At Bellhaven Center, our staff is dedicated to working with patients and helping them acquire or relearn the skills they will need to be active and live independently. 


Our experienced staff of Physical Therapists work with each resident to improve strength and restore function through the use of therapeutic exercises.


Our Rehabilitation Program puts special emphasis on “pain management” so that each resident can maximize their potential in a comfortable and dignified manner.


Our Occupational Therapy program is aimed at improving fine motor control, coordination, and cognitive skills and teaches functional and self-care skills commonly referred to as Activities of Daily Living (ADL), which include feeding, dressing and grooming.

Speech & Language Pathology

Our trained Speech and Language Pathologists help our residents communicate more effectively by using advanced techniques in oral and pharyngeal sensorimotor training.

Short-Term Care

At Bellhaven Center we are proud to offer a state-of-the-art Sub-Acute Program. Designed to be the link between hospital and home, the program’s focus is to aid in the residents return to a lifestyle of independent living at an optimum level of functionality.


Our professionally certified, licensed team of therapists, in conjunction with the residents’ physician, will design a customized program and provide therapy based on each resident’s unique needs. The programs and therapies are designed to enhance mobility, flexibility, and communication skills.


Our services are aimed at restoring the ability to carry out everyday activities such as bathing, eating and dressing. Utilizing state of the art equipment, along with an array of up to date exercises, residents are given the tools to increase strength, coordination, and the ability to move with comfort.


Bellhaven Center’s individually tailored therapy and nutrition regimens focus on maximizing the patients’ ability to lead an independent life. Our social work and case management teams provide continuous support to both residents and their families to ensure a safe and appropriate return to the community.

long-term care

The focus of our Long Term Care program is on helping our residents maximize their potential while providing skilled nursing care in a warm, friendly, and home like environment. 

on duty 24/7

Our professional nursing staff is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nurses are professionally trained in geriatrics and long term care.

certified nursing assistants

Our staff is aided by our Certified Nursing Assistants, who are carefully screened, and like all of our staff, trained by our in-house education department, which works to continuously assure that all nursing staff functions are performed at the highest standards of care.


Staff members meet weekly to ensure that each resident has a thorough and personalized care plan, developed in partnership with his or her family. This plan includes a wide range of health care, social services, recreational activities, rehabilitative therapies, and nutritional counseling, as well as any other necessary components to guarantee that our residents receive top quality care.

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