07/13/2020 Letter to Family and Friends


Dear Families and Friends:

As you all know, the New York State Dept of Health issued an advisory on Friday July 10th, 2020, on Skilled Nursing Facility visitation. This advisory outlines for us, the criteria for allowing visitation, under what circumstances and with specific precautions.  We know that after 4 long months, everyone is anxious to see their loved one. We are anxious to see you all reunited.

Unfortunately, we do not meet the criteria of being covid-19 free for 28 days. You all receive our newsletter, by email blast or on the website and so you are aware that we had a staff member who tested positive as recently as 7/10/20. This person had no symptoms. The good part of this testing is that we caught this before any resident was compromised. The bad part is that we now have to count 28 days from 7/10/20 and hope that we don’t have another positive. The communities are now open, malls, salons, restaurants. This will be a challenge.

We will continue the facetime and zoom visits. We are trying to arrange some window visits. This is challenging in that most of our windows are surrounded by bushes, uneven grassy areas….. We have 2 safe window areas, that have been identified and our social workers are working to plan with the families some time to visit through a window. If this is something you would like to do, please contact your social worker to arrange. Please understand that there are many residents, we will do our best to be fair, please continue to be patient.

You have all been wonderful through this terrible time. So many of you have expressed your gratitude for keeping your loved ones safe. This gratitude has sustained us. Kindness is a powerful force.

Hope is also powerful and so we continue to plan for the outside visits. We have schedules for visits and for the cleaning in between. We will have hand sanitizing stations for you when you arrive and a survey; also designed by the dept of health. We will ask you to arrive on time and wear a mask. Two visitors are allowed for each resident. We will keep you updated on all the rules and our plans.

I look forward to a normal time when you can hug the person you love and be in the same room with them. These first visits that we will have outside won’t be this but at least a step toward normal. Until then, we continue to be vigilant in our infection control. The safety of your loved ones is our primary concern.

Please stay safe and well.

Very truly yours,

Bernadette Walker, LNA, MSW


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